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This project was a bit of an experimental startup, where my client envisioned a creative, collaborative tool to work online and develop ideas in a group setting. The idea behind THEORYbee is: you participate in discussions with other interested individuals, in an environment that works to protect your intellectual property while allowing open discussion to brainstorm and improve ideas. Ideas can be theories—abstract concepts or hypotheses, or ideas—inventions, mechanisms, engineering practices, or other physical concepts.

The structure would focus on mostly academic settings, and it provides the option to form hives—workgroups which can be private and invitation-only if needed. Discussions work pretty much identical to any forum.

I created the logo, branding, and handled programming of the built-from-scratch web application. I’m pretty happy with how the bee logo turned out, aiming for a postmodern synthesis of classical ideals (hand-drawn illustration, serif fonts) with modern technology (minimal, abstract shapes and sans-serif fonts). The web application itself was a whole new challenge for me as well, and I learned a great deal about security issues, and developing a proper MVC application without feature bloat (I’m not saying this is a milestone in programming or anything; I’m just saying I learned a lot).